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My friend recommended Fiona to me shortly after my diagnosis with breast cancer.

I had just had surgery, and we didn’t yet know the extent of my illness. My life was unrecognisable from what it had been only weeks earlier, everything had stopped. I was literally petrified of everything that was happening to me, and of where it was all going to end up. I just crumbled.
Somehow Fiona managed to bring me back bit by bit. Her approach was gentle, calming, empathetic and kind, she enabled me to change very quickly at a critical time when I really needed help. One of the tests had left me traumatised and very tearful, but Fiona’s methods helped me to change my feelings about the incident so that my emotions diminished, and I could think about it without getting upset. Having had a bad experience on my first chemotherapy treatment, she helped me to move forward without fear, enabling me to go back for the rest of them and complete my treatment.
She worked her magic to help me see the events differently which again changed the way I felt about them. She taught and empowered me to stay calm and how to view the treatment more positively. She also taught me how to stay in the now and deal in the facts, rather than let my brain run out of control and let my imagination get the better of me.
When one of the nurses recommended a PIC line, I knew it was best for me but really hated the idea of it. This caused me to become very anxious. But Fiona helped me to change my thinking and my feeling. The PIC line was one of the best things I did! I am so pleased Fiona helped me to adjust and be brave enough to go for it.
At a time when I felt scared and total panic so that I couldn’t think straight Fiona supported me to take control, focus on what was important to me and it gave me immense courage and positivity! I cannot thank her enough

Debbie - Breast Cancer patient

Coaching sessions with Fiona were really productive and well structured.

Fiona is a great communicator and was able to sense the areas of resistance I had even when I was unaware!

She would then delve deeper to get to the real root of what was holding me back from going for my goals. I’ve always had people around me letting me get away with the rubbish excuses I had for now reaching higher, or accomplishing my goals. Fiona was great at coaching through this and allowing me to see where I should take accountability and cutting through the crap, I really needed this!

We did an NLP exercise where I was visualising hiking up a mountain, something I never saw possible as I was recovering from a fractured foot. Then 8 months later I managed to complete a charity hike up and down Mt Snowdon! It was a very moving moment for me and I always think of my coaching call with Fiona that day when I have hurdles in life. Having a great coach to work with is a great way to excel in all areas of life. I can not recommend Fiona enough!

Thank you so much for all your support Fiona.


Fiona’s support and extensive skills base enabled me to face the reality of what is happening

Fiona’s style of working enabled me to relax and created an atmosphere where she could gently challenge the way I think. She helped me clear my mind of the worrying baggage I had been carrying around for too long.
Now, I am able to look at things in a positive way, to accept and manage things I cannot change and be happy with who I am.


Last year I spent just over six months working with Fiona to get through a period of transition in my life.

I was about to move to a new house, at a crossroads in my career and feeling like life hadn’t turned out how I hoped it would in many ways.

Never feeling satisfied and always seeking more had become a habit she helped me break out of. She did this by using NLP and hypnosis to help me work through feelings of failure and identifying where they’d come from. With that set aside, I could focus on what really matters.

Using resources and innate wisdom that Fiona helped me access as we worked together, I came to my own conclusions. I realised that I am fine, in fact better than fine, exactly as I am. I don’t need to continually put pressure on myself to move onto the next challenge. I’ve arrived where I want and need to be, for now. This is enough. I am enough. I can savour what I have and take the time to enjoy what I’ve achieved and the life I’ve created. I’m now able to relax my white-knuckle grip on life and have faith that the next steps will unfold when the time is right


Fiona has helped me so much over the recent months.

Fiona was recommended via a friend who had benefited from a few sessions herself and knew I would love Fiona and she’d be perfect to help me with my anxiety. She was right! I have suffered from severe anxiety around a few areas in my life for at least the past 15 years (i.e. Flying, Lifts, travelling on major & minor roads, fear of becoming ill). It had got to the point where it was having quite an impact on my life and work.
Fiona has really helped me grow in self-confidence and given me the tools to help overcome anxiety when I find myself in those situations. When I first spoke with Fiona about one of my fears, which is Lifts, I was in tears and flatly refused the thought of entertaining going into a lift. But after some helpful intervention and guidance, some tools to help myself and encouragement, I have finally got into a lift for the first time in around 10 years. Not only once, but three times in one day! This was such a big hurdle for me, and I wouldn’t have achieved this without Fiona’s help and positivity. My close friends and family have already noticed a positive change and difference in me. I am looking forward to the forthcoming sessions with Fiona to continue my journey and knocking down the remaining obstacles which stand in my way……but not for long


Fiona’s support and extensive skills base will be enable me to face the reality of what is happening

Fiona has on a couple of occasions used the considerable skills she has as a Coach to help me through some tough times. I have been unfortunate to have experienced cancer on two occasions. This disease and the subsequent treatments ravage the body, but more importantly leave emotional scars. Despite being many years post diagnosis the effect on confidence and perception of personal risk can never be underestimated. Using both her personal and professional skills and techniques, Fiona has helped me frame my life into what really matters to me and areas in which I should pay attention in order to reach my ultimate goal, not just for myself but also for my family. This has allowed me to make decisions about my life ahead and left me with a feeling of being in control of my own destiny, something that I had lost sight of. I have just recently been diagnosed with breast cancer for a third time & know that Fiona’s support and extensive skills base will be enable me to face the reality of what is happening to make some key decisions and face treatment again.


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