Why Attitude Matters #1

The Negative Attitude

Negative attitudes don’t just have an impact on your own well being, they can significantly affect others too.  Having a negative attitude over a prolonged period is extremely destructive.

Fight or Flight

Our brain is designed to help us through tough situations, which is why emotions show up so rapidly and why we respond almost immediately. When we sense a real threat, it is the brain which activates the fight or flight response and prepares our body to take action,  keeping us safe.

When someone has a negative attitude and hence negative thoughts, the part of the brain that controls the fight or flight response is manipulated, rather than responding to a real threat, those negative thoughts trick the brain into reacting in the same way even when there is no real danger. Continue reading “Why Attitude Matters #1”

Why Attitude Matter #2

The Positive Attitude

I focused on the negative first, as you are probably aware, negative attitudes can send you to rock bottom and trap you there. I hope that by taking the time for a closer look at what you are thinking or doing and how it is affecting you, will encourage you to take some powerful action that is required to commit to adopting a more positive outlook. Being positive enables you to enjoy the moment more, and also enjoy the happy memories you have created. Continue reading “Why Attitude Matter #2”

Why Attitude Matters #4

The Power of Personal Energy & Belief

Our energy not only affects us but also those around us.  There is our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health to consider when we discuss our energy.  There is also the fact that we share our energy constantly, whether it is two people’s auras passing each other or we are directing and contributing our energy.  It is something that can be neglected & not given a second thought mainly due to the fact that many people simply aren’t in tune with their own energy state. When people are feeling tired all the time, feeling under the weather or feeling like their performance levels have dipped, it is easy to just look to physical ailments and general stress as the cause.

Off the back of those, people start to develop negativity as they don’t feel their usual selves. A massive cause of this is low energy levels and that is resolvable with small tweaks. Continue reading “Why Attitude Matters #4”

Why Attitude Matters #5

Worry Less and Overcome Your Fears

Its a natural tendency for us all to worry from time to time, but for some, it can occur most of the time which is unhealthy and debilitating. Not only will it bring about all those negative feelings and physical symptoms, but you’ll never really gain anything from all the worrying as its just wasted energy.

Worrying is being extremely apprehensive about what is going to or might happen in the future or about an issue that is already present. Constant overthinking makes you ‘feel’ like you are in control, only your mind will create more problems that aren’t there. In addition, worrying will lead to more worrying. ‘What if’ scenarios, are, in reality, quite unlikely to happen, so why waste time on them? Continue reading “Why Attitude Matters #5”

Why Attitude Matters #6

Overcoming Negativity in Others

Throughout the previous articles on Why Attitude Matters, there have been regular references of how your attitude can affect you and those around you. If your peer group is stocked full of negative individuals who continually paint life in a negative light, that will naturally impact your attitude as we can be influenced by the things going on around us. Generally, the negativity is caused by fear and rather than feed it, you can take positive action to either remove yourself from it or understand it and take action. It is your responsibility to do something about it (for yourself) so it does not impact on your physical and mental health, so ultimately, you can make the choice of totally removing yourself from the negative influences or thinking about how you can handle these situations in a more positive manner. Continue reading “Why Attitude Matters #6”

Why Attitude Matters #7

It’s a wrap…

So, here we are, the final article and the conclusion to the series on Why Attitude Matters. I hope that you have enjoyed reading through the various posts, but more importantly, I hope that you have gained something from them.

From the start, I explained how destructive a negative attitude can be in your life and on your performance. What is clear is that no-one benefits from them and that they can present themselves in many different forms.

Continue reading “Why Attitude Matters #7”