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Mindset Coaching for Transformational Change

You have come here for a reason, so I thought it would be good to share some of my journey with you. My coaching career began with a series of highly emotive life-changing events, which allowed me to take a really good look at what I really wanted to be, achieve and aspire to in my life.

The most impactful was the loss of my mum to ovarian cancer. I had also recently gone through my own health and life challenges. It resulted in me completely changing my career focus from Forensic Science to Cancer Care and Translational Research and as a result, I relocated to join the world-renowned Royal Marsden Cancer Centre, pursuing a vision of improving outcomes for cancer patients.

It was a time of great change for me, however, it enabled me to really take a step back and assess what I really wanted, something I had never done before.  It was here that I started to look at coaching courses, having always advocated learning & personal development in my personal and professional life, it felt really good to be doing something that really fulfilled me. I was coached myself during that time and as a result of this, I was able to focus to do the inner work needed, as well as fully commit to the resulting changes in my life. Subsequently I discovered my love of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and it has completely revolutionised my life, focusing my intention and purpose, whilst enabling me to take the action needed. This has resulted in phenomenal changes and has made a massive difference to who I am personally, how I live my life and what I do to help others, that’s how I know it is transformational!

I now have the privilege of being able to help and support others to do the same and believe me, if you have been struggling with things for too long, know that I can help you change it .

Thank you for being here! Much love

Fiona x

Standards, Supervision & Continuous Personal Development (CPD)

I believe and support regulation and qualifications for the coaching industry, ensuring standards and safety for clients. I am a fully certified coach, with internationally recognised qualifications.

I undertake regular CPD, monthly supervision and  I am currently studying with The British School of Coaching for my Masters in Coaching at an Executive level.


Personal Performance Coaching


NLP Master Practitioner


Time Based Techniques


Master of Clinical Hypnotherapy


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) - Part I


Mindfulness for Health

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