NLP: The NOW State

The NOW State1 is a technique used in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, originating from Hawaii, where it is known as Hakalau, it is often referred to as ‘the learning state’.

It helps to bring your awareness to the present moment and allows us to consider what is happening around us in terms of our environment and the sounds and feelings associated with it. It can help us deal with problems or issues we are experiencing, banishing what I call ‘mind chatter’, so our thoughts and memories that we run, recalling past events, conversations or rehearsing or planning events in the future. These are buzzing around our mind constantly, some of the thoughts enable us to model past mistakes to help us in the future, but when the thoughts or memories are perceived as negative and likely to happen again in the future it can send our mind into overdrive, starting off feelings of worry, stress and anxiety.

By practising the NOW State, you are opening up your mind to possibility and choice, expanding your mind so what you experience is bigger than the problem. You are being in the present moment and you can move forward to overcome fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back as well as manage your energy in a positive way.

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The NOW State

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1 – as taught by Terry Elston of NLP World