Mindset & Behavioural Coaching for Transformational Change

Transformational Coaching

A Day to Change Programme

I have created these sessions to work with you on specific issues that are holding you back. It requires a commitment to change on your behalf, as well as the intention and motivation to be able to do ‘the work’ necessary.

The Concept

The concept works with your unconscious mind, this is the place in your brain that acts as a reservoir for all your thoughts, memories, feelings and urges. Even though we may not be consciously aware of them, they continue to influence our behaviour and experiences, sometimes to our detriment.

We are affected by these unconscious thoughts and behaviours due to us believing that these mental constructs are true, when in fact they are not. They are learned behaviours, what someone told us, what we thought we experienced once upon a time, and can dictate our life if left unresolved, having huge impacts on our experience, which are often painful, creating fear, anxiety, uncertainty, lack of confidence, low self-esteem and a host of other issues.

The Process

My work finds those specific, unhelpful thoughts/memories causing the negative experience, and changes them in a creative way, enabling you to transition, forming new and resourceful ways of being.

If you want things to be different for you, then it is your responsibility to do the inner work needed to make the change.

Breakthroughs are magical and often happen in an instant, enabling us to break the constraints and be who we want to be. Change can be quicker than you think, powerful change can happen just like that and I can help you do it.

Is this you ?
  • You are tired of focusing on how tough things are, how stressed your life is, how tired, unfair or impossible things seem?
  • You perhaps feel stuck, unable to move forward with things in your life?
  • You feel like you have lost sight of who you are, your sense of self?
  • You may be struggling with self-esteem, anxiety issues, a lack of confidence in yourself or need help breaking unhelpful behaviours & habits?
  • You feel any of the following emotions are taking up too much of your time: fearful, guilty, repressed, jealous, sad, frustrated, anxious, depressed, worried, angry & unfulfilled.
  • You are envious of what others seem to have, do and are?
  • You are phobic of certain things; do you find yourself talking more on what you can’t do rather than what you can do?
  • You are scared of speaking up, suffer social anxiety or giving public speeches/presentations?
  • You know what you want instead and really want to make the changes, but just don’t know how?
  • You have tried other treatments with little or no success.
Session Information

A breakthrough session negates the need to wait to have a series of sessions, so with today’s busy lifestyles and workloads, it only requires one day out for you to let go of those unwanted emotions & behaviours to create more ease and flow in your life.

I use a combination of tools and techniques to help you, each session is tailored to the client’s needs and includes Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Based Techniques (TBT) and Hypnosis.

The nature and length of the sessions may vary, typically, a breakthrough session is between 3-6hrs working 1:1. There are few breaks & it is quite intense, you will leave with a renewed sense of self-awareness, new strategies and empowering beliefs that will liberate you.

You will be required to demonstrate your commitment to the process prior to being accepted.

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Health & Wellbeing Mindset Coaching

I specialise in coaching people impacted by cancer & chronic illness to effect positive change, supporting and empowering the individual to manage what is going on for them and thrive.

How I can help

Coaching will help cancer patients, their families and carers, at varying stages of their journey, from early stages of diagnosis and treatment, to living with and beyond cancer, including metastatic disease. I also support clients with MS, Type I & II Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Dysmenorrhea, Auto-Immune Disorders, Anxiety, Stress/Burn out & Menopause.

You are not your condition

I believe that we all have the innate ability to heal ourselves and that this can be integrated with other forms of treatment and health management. I have developed a progressive, calm and mindful way of practice that really enables the client to step back and view what is important to them in order to facilitate the changes required. Coaching integrates and aligns holistically with conventional treatment and some other therapies.

It helps to support and empower the person in what they are going through, by being heard and understood, having the time and space to express themselves without judgement or advice. It allows them to understand themselves and what is really important to them, regain control of their situation, build strength and courage, building resourcefulness and resilience from within.

I work in an empathetic, energising and intuitive way, helping and supporting my clients to heal and take back their lives. I change the belief systems that are no longer serving them into ones they want to hold and aspire to using a multitude of tools and techniques.

The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly” – Buddha.

Reasons for taking up Coaching

My clients come to me with many presenting themes, perhaps you resonate with one or more of the following:

  • You are fearful of the unknown and find it difficult to manage the uncertainty of what is going on for you?
  • You are finding your anxiety is spiralling out of control & impacting your life?
  • You may be embarrassed or fearful of asking for help?
  • Your comfort zone has shrunk so much that you cannot function as you once did?
  • You are putting a brave face on everything, but inside you are desperate, scared or defeated?
  • You feel that you have to do it alone and cannot ask for help?
  • You find the clinical process overwhelming and frightening?
  • Do you feel like you will never get better?
  • Do you lack energy, motivation or enthusiasm?
  • You are isolating yourself or feel isolated?
  • Do you have phobias in relation to treatments or clinical interventions?
  • You are scared of the effects of treatment on your body and mind?
  • You are unable to get a diagnosis & feel lost or losing hope?
  • Do you have body confidence or self-esteem issues as a result of your experiences?
  • You feel guilty that you survived & others around you didn’t make it?
  • You may have a terminal or life-limited diagnosis & want to take action to make the best decisions for yourself?
  • You want to keep working, but are finding it difficult?
  • Your relationships have or are suffering as a result of your illness?
  • You have been given the all clear & you feel lost, you no longer know what you want to do with your life?
  • You wish that you could be your old self, before all this happened to you?
  • Loss of identity, you don’t know who you really are anymore?
  • You want to change career post-treatment, but not sure what or how?
It’s all about YOU

Mindset & creating calmer, healthier thoughts is the start of a client’s journey. I help those who are suffering as a result of an illness and who may be in crises, as well as those who may be caring for a loved one or friend and health professionals working in the NHS. 

I have developed a mind and body reset programme that helps to develop the client’s ability to accept what is going on for them and reboot their state of mind. We all have the ability to change how we are ‘being.’

Our mind and body connection is key to the change in how we relate both consciously and unconsciously to what is going on around us and within us.  As a result of Coaching, you will stop buying into the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and step into a newfound freedom where you get to choose how life will be as a result.

You will be accountable for yourself and your actions and guess what, things will get a whole lot better. I have found that many illnesses improve & some go away altogether as authenticity, ease & alignment come together.

The Benefits
  • Helping you to come to terms with what is going on for you and make adjustments to be able to do more, be more and have more of what matters to you.
  • Realisations galore. You do not have to be alone, be stoic, be what everyone else what’s to see. You can be you, in all your glory and guess what, that’s ok, in fact, it’s brilliant!
  • Finding/creating your new identity, your new ‘self’ which is exciting and energising.
  • Realising what you thought you knew wasn’t true.
  • Helping you to understand yourself and how you interact with others, shedding new awareness and light on situations.
  • Making you feel ‘lighter’ and free from the ‘baggage,’ like a different person.
  • Giving you the ability to take control of what is happening to you from within.
  • Improving your ability to make better decisions, no matter how challenging they may be.
  • Increasing resilience and self-management rather than relying on or blaming others.
  • Giving you the ability to manage challenges at home and at work and keep working where possible.
  • Helping you to get back in touch with your mind and body again. Working in conjunction with it for increased health and well-being.
  • Enabling you to have treatments that you never thought possible, overcoming your fears and phobias and improving your overall outcomes.
  • Improving your relationships.
  • Increasing your zest and enjoyment of life, finding your joi de vivre!
  • Enabling you to open your mind to the possibility.
  • Transforming your confidence and self-esteem to heights you thought were impossible.
  • Giving you the ability to better understand your values and emotions to respond rather than react.
  • Staying calm in a crisis, being present, developing courage and learning from mistakes without judgement.
Keeping you well

My aspirations are to keep people well & a big part of my work involves helping clients who are not yet ill to understand what 'wellbeing' really means and how they can improve it in their everyday lives,  in addition to their physical health. I support clients who may be struggling to find balance in their life and are therefore experiencing consequences as a result of it, including habits or behaviours that are no longer helping them and causing them to start along the pathway of “dis-ease”. 

When we are not happy or stressed this triggers changes in our mind and body, the mind-body connection has been extensively researched in recent years and it is recognised that there are powerful connections through which spiritual, emotional and behavioural factors can directly affect health outcomes. Emotions and negative or unresourceful thought patterns can contribute to imbalances in the body and it is important to understand and release these taking action to re-establish balance. We explore the reasons behind the way you are operating, bringing awareness and alignment with what you would like instead and find resolutions for you to live well and in good health.

The Programme can be 3,6,9 or 12 months long and is based on your individual needs.

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Executive Coaching

Kindly Leading™

Supporting Senior Leaders and Managers to 'Lead Kindly' with authenticity, compassion & connection, for business success.

Acting with Kindness

Kindness is an attribute of the character of the leader & it can be learnt & grown. It enables exploration into the human side of their role and the realities of the life of people in the ecosystem of their organisation. Kindly Leading gives an innate strength and resourcefulness to those in possession of it.

In today’s corporate world, some view kindness as a weakness. I challenge this belief, it is certainly not to be exploited and the giver of kindness will have the ability to be assertive, make tough decisions, being strong, firm and direct 'with kindness.'

Kindly Leading to assist in developing the business, themselves and the people in it, in a respectful and resourceful way for unified success.

Kindly Leading in practice

™It means:

  • Treating others with respect.
  • Caring & being responsive.
  • Communicating using a personal touch.
  • Adopting a humane approach.
  • Listening intently & explaining logically.
  • Sharing information in a transparent way.
  • Accommodating personal issues or circumstances of others.
  • Valuing the views of others.
  • Counselling and encouraging.
  • Being inclusive as a Leader.
What I can do for your Organisation

My Kindly Leading programme:

  • Helps embed a belief and value system that promotes a causal relationship between kind actions and outcomes over time.
  • Enables Leaders to pay attention to the impacts as well as the results and take action.
  • Recognition that people are central to the success of an organisation, through their inspiration, vision, spirit, problem-solving abilities, personal values and drive. People can often sense or see the change before it happens and alert senior management if there is a trusting and values-based leadership.
  • Creation of diverse views and opinions in the organisation for creativity and growth. 
  • Promotion of equity & fairness by promoting staff loyalty & reducing employee turnover.
  • Stimulating ownership & commitment through increased respect and care.
  • Respecting the dignity and potential of others by learning through failure, increasing support and sharing knowledge.
  • Building trust, integrity and honesty development, a key element for success in an organisation.

Programmes can be tailored to your business needs and can be delivered as either 1:1 or group sessions.


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Walk with Me

Coaching for health, wellbeing and creativity, walking in nature.

If you would like to have a coaching walk in nature, then I run sessions locally usually lasting between 1-2hrs depending on client requirements, either in groups or 1:1.

It is a great way of exploring new possibilities, enables you to completely escape your normal environment, be present and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

I also organise complimentary health & wellbeing walks for the local community – supporting each other & connecting is an important aspect of our mental and physical health and something close to my heart which brings me joy.

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