Business Brunch Club – Meet Me

Hello, I am Fiona Stimson and I am an Accredited Coach specialising in Transformational and Medical Coaching (specialising in Cancer).

Thank you for creating this opportunity of introducing myself and for the offer of being this month’s meet me.

What do I do & where do I do it?

Transformational Coaching

In my transformational coaching, I work with clients who are committed to making positive change in their professional or personal lives on issues that may be holding them back. They may want to build more confidence, improve their self-esteem, overcome chronic anxiety, improve their relationships, achieve more balance in their life, achieve greater clarity, new perspectives and improve their overall personal effectiveness and I enable the change via a combination of techniques, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time based Techniques and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

The process of transformation is often referred to as a ‘paradigm shift’, as the changes provide a significant change in the belief system of the individual, which is then transferable to all aspects of the client’s life. It is focused on what the client is ‘being’ rather than what the client is ‘doing’. This has huge impacts on mindset, removing old beliefs and old problems and enables the client to open up their mind to new possibilities and choice.

Breakthrough Sessions

I offer clients ‘Breakthrough’ sessions, which involve them spending between 4-7hrs working with me on an issue they have, resulting in a successful outcome i.e. chronic anxiety disappears. It is a great way to resolve chronic issues that have been bothering you in a single session. I also provide multiple 1-2 hour sessions depending on the clients issue for resolution. Neuro-linguistic Programming combined with Time based techniques/ Clinical Hypnotherapy enables me to resolve fears, phobias, bad habits or behaviours that you no longer want and is hugely successful and can be evidenced in my client testimonials, please do ask as I have some fantastic case studies.

Medical Coaching of Cancer Patients

The other part of my coaching practice focuses on medical coaching of cancer patients, their families and the clinical staff serving the patients. I work at The Fountain Centre at The Royal Surrey County Hospital providing coaching to support people living with and beyond cancer. With evidence suggesting that by 2030, 1 in 2 people will have a diagnosis of cancer at some point in their lives and with more people surviving cancer and living longer, the evidence base for coaching as an integrative approach is growing and demand for supporting services is ever more important with clients and their families sharing how valuable they find the service.

I work in an integrative way to help people to cope with their diagnosis, during treatment and with survivorship issues relating to a cancer. Helping people in building resilience, managing side effects of treatment, anxiety, enabling a more positive mindset, planning through treatment and beyond, getting back to work, managing guilt and fears, uncertainty around reoccurrence and impacts on family and friends. I focus on helping clients to manage what is going on for them ‘now’ and help them when they are ready to move forward with their lives, self-managing once their treatment has finished – from function to thrive.

For the families of those with cancer, it can be a useful resource to voice their feelings and concerns in a safe place and to help them care for themselves and their loved ones, focusing on what is important to them at that moment in time.

I provide private 1:1 consultations at The Surrey Psychology Practice in Banstead and also offer sessions via Skype or phone depending on session type.

Coaching Packages

Session costs vary from £75-£150 per hour and I also offer coaching packages.

All potential clients are offered an initial client consultation to discuss what they would like to achieve and agree a tailored approach for the best way forward.

Further information & how to reach me

If you have any questions relating to my work, potential ways of collaborating or would like more information on the services offered, then I would love to hear from you. Please do get in touch with me at: