The Power of Personal Energy & Belief

Our energy not only affects us but also those around us.  There is our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health to consider when we discuss our energy.  There is also the fact that we share our energy constantly, whether it is two people’s auras passing each other or we are directing and contributing our energy.  It is something that can be neglected & not given a second thought mainly due to the fact that many people simply aren’t in tune with their own energy state. When people are feeling tired all the time, feeling under the weather or feeling like their performance levels have dipped, it is easy to just look to physical ailments and general stress as the cause.

Off the back of those, people start to develop negativity as they don’t feel their usual selves. A massive cause of this is low energy levels and that is resolvable with small tweaks.

Becoming Aware of Your Own Personal Energy

Tapping into an awareness of our energy will often require a combination of our imagination and intuition.   Some aware people may already be able to sense the energy within themselves, however, some may not and I will give you some help in trying to establish that important awareness.

It is important that we always remain grounded, but especially while working with or exploring energy.  Being grounded is a way for us to release unneeded energy.  Take a quiet moment out, have soft knees & really feel your feet firmly planted on the floor, imagine you are growing roots into the ground through your feet. Feel each toe, the balls of your feet, the heels and really plant them firmly to the floor. This will allow you to feel completely aware and conscious as well as centred and balanced no matter what is going on around you.

I also recommend that the cleaner your diet is, and the fewer the ‘toxins’ within your system, then the easier it is to feel the energy.  So, let us imagine we can sense our energy and intuitively begin to feel for it.

Your intent is always the best place to start.  Set your intention to become more aware of your energy.  When we set our intention, then it is a form of communication to our ‘whole self’ that we are consciously choosing to learn or become aware.  It sounds so simple, but it is an effective way to begin the creative and awareness aspect of our experience.


Meditation is a fantastic way to begin becoming aware of our energy within us, although this may not work for everyone.  Meditation has many benefits, but in this case, we want to become more aware of our energy within our physical body.  The best place to practice meditation would be in nature.  During meditation, notice any tingling or ‘electric feeling’ moving through you.  Do not focus on it, but make note of it.  Let the energy flow and do not try to control it.  When in a meditative state, we are finding our balance and our energy is doing the same.

A very easy practice is to rub your hands together in a circular motion for a little while, pull them apart to about chest width and intuitively feel for the energy ‘ball’ between your hands.  Some people have to rub their hands a few times before feeling the energy.  We actually have minor chakras on our hands and rubbing our hands can help activate those chakras.  This is also one way some energy workers, like Reiki practitioners, sense energy. Once you have rubbed your hands together, pulled them apart and felt the energy, begin slowly pushing your hands together.  Some benefit from a slight bouncing of the hands towards one another.

Once you are more confident in feeling the energy, then begin rotating your hands around like you have a ball between your hands.  Begin bringing your hands closer together and smoothing the ball into a smaller and smaller ball.  Once you have a small ball (say, your hands are cupped over one another), then turn your hands towards your solar plexus (between your lower ribs), and slowly bring your hands in until they touch your body.  Practice this daily until you are able to feel a slight surge of energy in your solar plexus.

Another great way to become oriented to energy and sensing energy within our bodies is by practising Tai Chi.  This involves mind and body exercises that often focus on breathing, meditation and movement.  Breathing is an important aspect of our health that is not emphasised enough.  Even sitting up straight and taking some deep breaths can increase our physical health and get our energy moving.


Hydration is a large component of how we physically feel and will affect our energy and it is no secret that the vast majority of the population don’t drink the required amount of water needed on a daily basis. Our bodies are made up of 60% water. So if this is you, start by hitting the average amount needed per day, you will notice a huge boost in energy and mood.

Getting enough sleep is another one, take power naps when you feel your energy dipping during the day. A 20-30 minute nap will make all the difference if you are able to do it. If that isn’t practical then in order to feel fresher each day, it is good to wake up at the same time each day, preferably as early as possible. You will be more productive and won’t feel you are wasting your time by sleeping in too long.

Also, wear brighter colours as these all have a subliminal effect on us and others we meet.

If you smoke, quitting smoking will give you a huge boost in energy, improve your health by reducing your risk of chronic disease and save you £’s.

Diet is another area to focus on, a clean diet and meals divided into smaller portions are less taxing on your digestive system, ensure you are consuming a balanced diet. When you starve yourself it is easy to become grumpy, and then when you eat a large meal, your body will snatch all of your energy to digest your food.

Believe in Yourself

So many of us approach a situation believing we are not good enough or thrive off the beliefs that others have of us. Neither of these are optimal as your performance and happiness truly derive from within and unless you believe in yourself, you are sabotaging yourself at achieving a high level of either of those.

However, if you change your belief, perception or opinion of the situation, that will,  in turn,  change your attitude. You will realise that you are enough.

The Greek philosopher Epictetus said it beautifully more than 2,000 years ago: “People are disturbed, not by things (that happen to them), but by the principles and opinions which they form concerning (those) things. When we are hindered, or disturbed, or grieved, let us never attribute it to others, but to ourselves; that is, to our own principles and opinions.”

Sometimes, you may find it difficult to believe in yourself, however, it is crucial that you find a way and here’s how.

The first way to enhance your belief in yourself is to ask yourself when you started to believe that this was true? Often, we take on others opinions as fact, we pick these snippets up throughout our life and before you know it, we believe it. Ask yourself, what if it were not true, what would the situation be then, and more importantly, what would you like it to be?

Assess your past successes, what are your accomplishments? If you have had successful experiences previously, no matter what it was, you will know you are capable of achieving great things again.

Trust in your abilities, take time to think about what your special skills are, what are you really good at? If you know your ability is there, you can condition your mind to be positive so that nothing stops you from flourishing. Bring it to the forefront of your mind and keep it there. Believe it, visualise it, feel it, act as if you have it, take action towards it.

Always try and come up with 3 positives in any challenging situation.

One of the biggest tips is to “fake it til you make it”. Trust in yourself, push past your discomfort and put yourself out there step by step, and be OK with not knowing if people will accept you. You can grow your own tribe, those people we spoke of in article # 3 who like you because of who you really are. True belief in yourself will see you through.

Hopefully, you will have identified some things to change and improve. Set yourself some actions for the next week to move forward with making the necessary changes you may have identified as part of this article and power up your positivity another few notches!

If you would like to work on improving a negative attitude and becoming more resilient then please do contact me for your complimentary consultation.

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